PRODUCTS and services

Columbia Fire & Safety provides design and installation for all of our products and services.
FIRE extinguishers

Columbia Fire & Safety offers everything to suit your Fire extinguisher needs. From standard ABC Dry Chemical extinguishers and Water Extinguishers to CO2 and Type K Kitchen Extinguishers, we cover any and all classes of fire. Columbia Fire & Safety also offers quantity discounts for fire extinguisher sales in bulk.

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FIRE Suppression Systems
In a world of ever-changing fire safety codes, Columbia Fire & Safety remains current. We provide up-to-date Fire Suppression systems for any customer’s Fire System essentials. Among these are:

Industrial Dry Chemical Systems that are perfect for Paint Booths;

Industrial CO2 Systems for deep seated Class A Hazard Protection (i.e. wood, paper, trash, etc);

Wet Chemical Systems suitable for any commercial kitchen;

FM-200 Systems to protect your valuable electronic equipment.
FIRE alarms

Columbia Fire & Safety delivers comprehensive alert systems for fire protection in any commercial facilities. We build entire alarm systems from the ground up, and include: detection devices, such as smoke and heat detectors; signaling devices such as manual pull stations and audible/visual devices. We also provide monitoring services that will alert local fire departments in the event of an emergency.

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SECURITY systems

Columbia Fire & Safety strives to provide the latest technology for your security needs. We supply and install equipment for access control and notification along with video surveillance for every commercial scenario. And with our 24 hour monitoring services, our company affords our customers confident assurance that their facilities are securely protected.

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> Card Access Systems
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